30 janvier 2009

Le cap des 300 commentaires sur layoff blog

Nous souhaitons saluer le succès de masse de l'article Oracle Layoffs qui vient de dépasser les 300 commentaires, en provenance du monde entier.
Vous serez tres probablement interessés par ce bruissement de commentaires, partant dans tous les sens, mais où l'on croise au fil de l'eau des caractères qu'on aurait aimé voir se livrer un peu plus.

Quelques fils choisis pour vous donner envie de voir par vous même :

#30 I was let go today, 9 years with the company and countless awards for utilizations and leadership roles in major high profile projects.

#42 Very cheap on severance package: One month for the first year you serve at Oracle and one week for each additional year you serve. 30 days Oracle covered COBRA. Brutal.

#47 Hey #42. Thats a better severance than in the past it used to be 2 weeks for the first year and 1 week for each subsequent year. Larry musta been feeling generous.

#65 I was a bea acquisition employee and we get the bea acquisition package which is 3 months severance, 3 months cobra. The regular package for non-bea oracle employees is 2 weeks for each year of employment, 30 days cobra. (which really sucks for a large company. I am glad I got the bea package) Each large acquisition (peoplesoft, etc) may have a separate type of package that was part of the acquisition agreement.

#74 Re #70, no email just a call from your manager and a Fedex package by noon in the US.

#90 I am on vacation and was on vacation when US layoffs happened. I haven’t got any email from my manager abt layoff. I am wondering abt the process they follow to lay off an employee who is on vacation.

#255 Rumor (Oracle, India): “One of the world’s largest software products company Oracle is known to have begun linking the payment of its 20,000-odd employees in India with the productive hours they spend in the company. This has given way to salary cuts, ranging between 10 and 50 per cent.”

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Anonyme a dit…

Impressionnant !
A l'échelle du nombre de salariés chez Oracle...
A l'échelle du nombre de licenciés présents ou a venir ?

Anonyme a dit…

J'adore le commentaire #322
"spreadsheet stack ranking meetings"

Anonyme a dit…

Pour avoir été chez Oracle et sorti suite à un PIP, je retiens plutot ce commentaire :

Listen, if you are on a PIP you are history.


Never seen a single person who lived to tell about how ‘I was once on a PIP here’.