19 février 2005

Qu'est-il donc arrivé à la semaine de 40H ?

Transmis par un de nos lecteurs assidus.

Merci a tous de vos contributions et commentaires.

Concernant l'article, on s'y croirait...
Cela ne vous rappelle pas une certaine société qui, fut un temps, se disait au 3eme Quartile ?

Developer Pipeline Newsletter Editor's Note: What Happened To The 40-Hour Week?

This week, editor Richard Hoffman took a well deserved break. However, one of the readers of this newsletter sent him an interesting reply to the Editor's Note of last week's newsletter. Looks like Richard's topic certainly hit a hot button! Here now are the thoughts of John B.from Chicago, a 20-year veteran in the world of information technology and a mainframe developer.

It's shocking to some, but I just don't want to be that "in touch."Perhaps I'm a bit of a whiner with a bad work ethic, or perhaps I'm just a slacker ahead of my time. But being 46 years old and a mainframe "developer," I remember when we had time to ourselves, time to think, listen to music, and most importantly, be with our families.I was fired from a prominent company because I couldn't and wouldn't work 15 hours a day, all the time, and be at the beck and call of my manager 24/7.Why did he need me to be there for him? Because he made ill-conceived promises to users.


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